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This project, aka TASS, is building astronomical cameras and distributing them to sites around the world; our goal is to study bright objects across large sections of the sky. Our first major project was the Mark III Survey of the Celestial Equator. We are now working on a bigger, better camera, the Mark IV, which will be able to look away from the celestial equator and follow objects for several hours. The first one has already been delivered to Flagstaff, where it has started a two-passband survey of the northern sky and taken some pretty pictures .

Don't we know everything about bright stars already? Not really -- read Bohdan Paczynski's articles

If this is your first visit to the TASS site, you should read the Show-and-Tell presentations on the Mark IV camera and TASS status as of 03 Jan 2001 . If you are interested in helping us out, please read Tom Droege's description of How to Play the TASS Game.

What's New? (apart from the ever-growing E-mail archive)

Apr 4, 2010
Doug Welch at McMaster University has taken on the job of reading the images from Tom Droege's years of scanning the sky. Thanks, Doug!

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